gerald just couldn’t  do it because he was to tired to do anything than the next day he went to the store and he got somethings and then he went back hame and went back to sleep and the next  day he went to get some milk and food and the next day he played fortnie all day long and then he played and played and played fortnie all day long and the next day he sleep all day long


It is eleay in the morning and then the they looks up at the sky and I saw a bird and then it trid to kill me and then I went in side and in got in then I went into my room and a pato flou around my room then I went to sleepthen I I shot the bird and it left me alone and then the pato.


It looks like it is a school  it looks like where they get there food and other stoof water and food and other things and the stars are the way the classes and there big  light and they can get cndy bars 🍫 and then they get candy then got to class and then go to the lunch room and ;then they go home and back to shool and all over agen


So it is ealy in the mornig it was someone bearthday so my frends and I where seting up for the party and a rondom gift came for someone for the party then we went back to seting up  then later that night we told himhe left something hear than gave hi the gift but there was nothing in the prestant what a surprise! Then we gave him our gifts and we don’t no ow sant the gift he was said form that to he want there to be something in there.


It is 5:00 in the mornig he is geting up and he is getting ready for the day he went onto he pavement and his house was red the used a labber to fix his roof then he went to a well in his back yard and throu his coins into the well and it sinking then his rest of the day was him doing things and then went to sleep then he got up and the end end.


Vinegar taste like a lemo you use vinegar in dill pikels, salds,. It would be sharp becaus of how it smells and is a bidder taste and smells strong and and used in a lot of other things and it has alot of smell and you use vinegar when you are making foods in cips and in foods with sladles and in other things and other things foods and othere things .



I can’t wait to see all your musical pieces it is a long time ago a kid was playing an a musical piece and he couldn’t his flute and his little sister stole it and broke it so he had to go and get it fix and he was there for hours and it was finished but he could not let his sister find it when he was don and now he can  play it the end of the store.

the house


It is elery in the morning he got up and went down stress and started making egg and he burnt the eggs the where a dark black cooler then he had to go washed the pan what he used for the eggs he had a candle that was flickering in the dark room because of the lights his closest had string sticking out of the shirt because it was old then when the fell a sleep the candle was still flickering.

the things

They look like old warrior like when the great wall of china was built  and that fought wars long ago like what they barrey the china kings with the word stause that are warrowsr and  they were in war with each other and there was a king that ruled over all of them and when they build the great wall of china and that was a long time ago before the united states and all of that a long time ago

the thing

We are going to go bicycling we wear for hours the we had to to empty are water bottles into a recycling bin then there was bubbles in the poned what we passest on the way there then we went back and got fired chicken then we went home and paned every room pink then we went back to rid or bicycle for two more hours again then we fenest the walls painted pink the we went to sleep the end.